Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Nepalese Digital Inclusion Programme

This Nepalese Digital Inclusion Programme (NDIP) will allow Nepalese community members and their families in Folkestone the opportunity to learn how to access, with support of a digital champion, online services such as Pension Credit, Council housing, housing benefit, Universal Credit and state pension, booking GP appointments and other NHS services, using the government online services and access all areas of Folkestone and Hythe District Council website, using social media, enabling members of the community to keep in touch with their friends and family, helping to improve independence and quality of life.

The aims

  • The NDIP project will encourage digital inclusion.
  • To teach digital skills to access the internet for services and social purpose.
  • To help reduce social isolation.

We have developed a digital programme with the following learning goals:

  • How to book online GP appointments and learn more about other NHS Services.
  • Navigate information about central and local government policies and services.
  • How to maximise income and check benefit entitlement.
  • Discover how to keep safe online in areas of banking and matters financial.
  • Discover how to shop online safely.

The digital programme will be tailored, and more courses will be added to enable all abilities to have access.


Beneficiary / Learner

The ultimate aim of the project is for you to learn, gain confidence and access to a wealth of information.

Do you want to take the opportunity of learning?


Currently the program is run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


The programme is run at the Digital Room at the Folkestone Nepalese Community Centre.


This project is brought together with Kent Coast Volunteering (KCV) and funded by the Armed Forces Covenant. KCV is a trusted supporter of the FNC has been carrying out research and development of a tailored project with the Nepalese community.


For every £1 that was invested, the project was able to return of £20.90 worth of social value. That works out as an average of £8,041 worth of social value for every participant. Overall, the project has generated £209,086 worth of social value/ impact in its first year. Want to read more? Read here

The project has received the prestigious Healthwatch Recognition Award on 30th March 2022 for Innovation and excellence in Kent and Medway voluntary sector.  More information about the award at  at page 24 here.

Do you want to join the program?

If you would like to join the program as a learner or a digital champion please drop us an email at 


Digital Resources For Learners – Click Here

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Digital inclusion

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