At the dawn of the new millennium more Nepalese began to settle, temporarily or permanently, in Folkestone, Hawkinge, Hythe and Dover areas and an urgent sense of need of a Community to bring all Nepalese together to integrate into the wider community by preserving Nepalese culture, tradition, ethos and identity and sharing eventualities as a community developed. Consequently, the Folkestone Nepalese Community (FNC) was, therefore, established in 2005 in Folkestone.


The majority of the Folkestone Nepalese Community (FNC) members present at the Special Meeting on 25th October 2020 considered that we change our the institution to the Charitable Incorporated Organisation Association Model, therefore a new Constitution has been written according to the Charity Commission guidelines for provision of orderly conduct of Community internal affairs, in dealing with other, and of governing Community members and a resolution passed by voting in favour of a new Constitution.


The objects of the FNC are:

[a] To promote for the benefit of the Nepalese and Gurkha veterans residing in
Folkestone and the surrounding area by:

(1) The advancement of education and training;

(2) The relief of poverty, sickness and distress;

(3) The promotion of good health; and

(4) The provision of recreational facilities in the interests of social welfare with the object of improving their conditions of life.

[b] To advance the education of the public on all aspects of Nepalese history
and culture.

[c] The relief of financial need and suffering among victims of natural or other kinds of disaster in Nepal in the form of money (or other means deemed suitable) for persons, bodies, organisations.