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My Road to Saigon by Brian Staley available to buy in two different covers. 

Price – £3.00


For Delivery:

Postal Charge: £2.00 

Please provide your address at with postal payment.  

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Collect free of charge at

Folkestone Nepalese Community Centre

Baker Road


CT19 4NN

Time: 10am-15pm

About Brian Staley

Brian Staley was a Canterbury businessman, Liberal Democrat City Councillor and Gurkha campaigner. Brian became a close friend of the Gurkha community that had settled in Kent and started the Gurkha Justice campaign. He helped enlist Joanna Lumley to the cause and successfully lobbied the government for fairer treatment for Gurkha veterans. Sadly, he died aged 81.  

He wrote a book called ‘My Road from Saigon’ . His family have donated books to the Folkestone Nepalese Community Charity to sell and raise money. 

We are thankful to him and his family for the generosity.


Front Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover