Folkestone Nepalese Community Centre (FNCC) was formally opened on the 7th of October 2021. It is run by Folkestone Nepalese Community (FNC) in partnership with Kent Coast Volunteering (KCV).

Kent online news coverage of the formal opening of the FNCC.

The objectives of the FNC are meet through running activities, events and projects from and at the Folkestone Nepalese Community Centre (FNCC) mainly focusing on the following:

  • FNC is working towards combating loneliness by promoting wellbeing through education, training, and recreational activities.
  • FNC is providing the activities that are educational and help in enhancement of the skills of the FNC members and other community.
  • FNC is helping build strong relationships in and across communities by preserving our original diverse Nepalese culture, tradition, ethos, and community identity.

The  projects running at the FNCC are: 

  • FNC numeracy & literacy education program, ESOL & Multiply, as well as one day training courses (e.g. First Aid, Health & Safety, Food Safety).
  • FNC digital & language inclusion programme, Hub secessions such Veterans Drop-in, Hypertension Hero & Gurkha Welfare Trust, and arts & craft sessions (stich & chat, Nepalese Handicraft & water colouring). 
  • FNC festivals and events on originality of diverse Nepalese culture and tradition.
  • FNC collaborates with NHS and other health agencies on health, wellbeing & community research.
  • FNC collaborates on academic research with universities. 
  • FNC outreach to schools, other communities and organisations to talk or present on the diversity.
  • FNC annually host two festival for public; Multicultural Festival World in a Tent & Nepalese Holi Colour Festival partnering with Equator Festival  & Folkestone and Hythe District Council. 

For the current activities running at the centre, please click here.

Also, to raise the fund we have a space to hire for meeting, digital class and community social programme.

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